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If you are accused of a crime in Daytona Beach or Volusia County it is always a good idea to speak with an experienced Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney. The first thing you need to know is that you should not speak to anyone before discussing the case with Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Pitts. The right to remain silent is a powerful tool that is often not utilized. Do not make the mistake of thinking police are on your side. They are in the business of arresting people and if you give them enough evidence that is what they will do. We are on your side and we will fight for you. Let us do the talking and we will make sure your rights are protected. We will help you choose the best path to obtain the best possible result in your Daytona Beach area case. Kevin J. Pitts has years of experience at the state attorney’s office and as private counsel.

Our attorneys handle theft cases, battery, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug possession, drug trafficking, manslaughter, and nearly all other felonies, misdemeanors and civil traffic offenses. No case is too small or too big. We can take steps to help minimize your risk of jail, prison or probation. We can help you protect your record and force the state attorney's office to prove the case beyond and to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt. Call today so we can help you get the accusations behind you. 386-451-5112

A Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney can make sure you are aware of the consequences, understand your exposure, review the evidence and help you make an informed decision on how to move forward with your case. During these tough economic times a criminal conviction can have a substantial impact on your life. As the government continues to increase regulation many offenses have mandatory minimums and collateral consequences that occur separate from the court case. Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Pitts is aware of the collateral consequences that commonly occur in Daytona Beach felonies misdemeanors and traffic cases. Often steps can be taken to avoid these harsh mandatory minimum sentences and collateral consequences. The bottom line is that if you are not guilty the mandatory minimums and collateral consequences do not apply to you. Our Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney has the experience you need to get the best possible result. Just because you are accused of a crime does not mean you will be convicted. A skilled defense lawyer can file pre-trial motions to suppress evidence, can point out inconsistencies in evidence, request depositions, negotiate from a position of power and challenge the state to prove their case at trial in front of a jury of your peers. Our Daytona Beach criminal defense lawyer is ready to take whatever steps are necessary to get you the best possible outcome in your Daytona Beach case.

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