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Daytona Beach Battery

Daytona Beach Battery Attorney

Whether an individual is facing simple battery charges or aggravated battery charges in Daytona Beach they should speak with a Daytona Beach battery defense attorney. Battery charges of any kind can be serious and a defense attorney can take the necessary steps for their client’s to get the best possible result in the case. In many cases charge reductions or the state outright dropping the battery case is possible. Depending on the particular offense, whether the victim is a law enforcement officer, the defendant's prior criminal record, whether a deadly weapon was used, the victim was over 65 years of age, the victim was pregnant and the extent of injury the victim suffers, Daytona Beach battery may be classified as anywhere between a first degree misdemeanor all the way to a first degree felony. Penalties may range from probation or jail all the way up to 30 years in state prison in some felony cases.

If an individual either touches, hits or strikes another person there is the possibility that an alleged victim will press battery charges. Daytona Beach simple battery is a first-degree misdemeanor. An individual can be charged with simple battery by the act of intentionally touching or striking another person against that persons will or if they intentionally caused bodily harm to another person. An individual does not have to be injured or hurt in order to file battery charges. Battery charges may be dropped if a defense attorney can prove that their client was acting in self-defense, if the defendant was legally standing their ground or if there was consensual contact between the defendant and the alleged victim. This means that both the defendant and the alleged victim knowingly and willingly participated in an activity or event where they knew getting hurt was a possibility.

A Daytona Beach misdemeanor battery charge can quickly become a felony battery. If a person experiences great bodily harm then an individual may be subject to aggravated battery charges. Another way that battery charges go from simple to aggravated is if the accused uses a deadly weapon while intentionally touching or striking another person. A deadly weapon is not just a gun or a knife but can encompass many other objects. A misdemeanor or simple battery charge can become a felony battery if the accused has a prior battery conviction. If the victim is over 65 years old the battery can become a Daytona Beach felony battery on persons 65 years of age or older. If the victim is pregnant the battery can become aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. If you or someone you know are facing battery charges in the Daytona Beach area whether it is simple battery or aggravated battery speaking with an experienced Daytona Beach battery lawyer can help.  

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