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Daytona Beach Reckless Driving

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If you are arrested or receive a notice to appear for Daytona Beach reckless driving you should consult with an experienced Volusia County reckless driving lawyer. Reckless driving is a crime and if you are convicted you will have a criminal record. An adjudication of guilt will bar you from having your record sealed or expunged for the reckless driving or any past or future criminal offense. It takes more than speeding for the state to be able to prove a Daytona Beach reckless driving case. Daytona Beach reckless driving is wanton or willful disregard for the safety of property or persons. The difficult part for the state to prove is the willful part. Although dangerous driving is not uncommon many times it is the result of driver negligence not willful disregard for the safety of others. Negligence is sufficient to prove a Daytona Beach careless driving case which is a non-criminal civil traffic infraction. Negligence is not sufficient to prove a Florida reckless driving case. If the case is reduced to careless driving you will not have a criminal record. If adjudication is withheld your insurance will not increase for reckless or careless driving.

The potential penalties for reckless driving include for a first conviction of reckless driving, the court may impose jail time of up to 90 days. The minimum fine for a first offense of reckless driving is $25 and the maximum fine is $500. In Daytona Beach when court costs are added to the fine it will be a minimum fine of $386. A second reckless driving carries more serious penalties including a fine of up to $1000. Due to a recent decision to enforce a statute from 2009 a four hour driving class is required for reckless driving cases after the case is closed regardless of what is ordered by the Judge in court. Tallahassee started sending out letters in 2011 about a month after the case was closed advising drivers that they have to complete the four hour class to avoid a driver's license suspension. If you are accused of reckless driving in Volusia County contact Daytona Beach reckless driving lawyer Kevin J. Pitts. Call 386-451-5112 for a free consultation with an experienced Daytona Beach reckless driving attorney and former prosecutor.

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