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Daytona Beach Traffic Ticket

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Traffic tickets are big business in Daytona Beach. If you get a Daytona Beach traffic ticket do not ignore it and do not pay it unless you speak with Daytona Beach Traffic Ticket Attorney Kevin J. Pitts. The big concern with a traffic ticket should be the points (long term cost) instead of the fine (short term cost). Points can increase your insurance cost for years and if you get enough they can suspend your license. The perception is if you contest the ticket you will be adjudicated guilty, the fine will be increased and you will be assessed court cost. That is not what happens for most drivers. The truth is that in 2012 10,350 traffic tickets went in front of a judge or hearing officer. Only 2,091 were found guilty. The remaining 8,259 did not receive points on their license and did not have their insurance rates increase as long as property damage was not involved. Some of the 2,091 adjudications of guilt are likely from drivers requesting a hearing and not showing up. An experienced Daytona Beach traffic ticket attorney can take steps to keep points off your license, keep your insurance rates from increasing and might be able to get your fine reduced, keep you from being required to perform a basic driver improvement course and in some cases get the ticket dismissed.

Why Should You Hire A Daytona Beach Traffic Ticket Attorney?

1) Daytona Beach traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts can save you 2 trips to court by waiving your appearance and waiving your arraignment. This saves you gas and time from work or school.

2) Daytona Beach traffic ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts understands the terminology and laws that apply to traffic court. Asking for an amendment to certain statutes might save you money on the fines. By understanding what other statutes apply to the alleged driving it is possible to request that the statute be amended and that can save around $100 in some situations.

3) If the officer does not show up you win. What do you do if they do show up. Traffic cops go to court on a weekly basis and so do traffic attorneys. If you are not familiar with the procedures of traffic court then it can be stressful. Why put yourself in an unfamiliar situation when for a price usually less than the ticket you can have a trained proffesional handle your case.

4) Traffic court can be a busy place and can take hours. Attorneys are able to charge reasonable prices because they are allowed to go first. The attorneys are usually done in a matter of minutes and the unrepresented drivers will be in court for hours. Why does this matter? It matters for two reasons. First because your time is valuable. Why waste it in traffic court. Second if the officer is running late the attorneys get to go first.

5) One last thin to consider is an adage that lawyers are warned about. The US Supreme court discussed it in a 1991 case. If it holds true for attorneys it probably applies to non-lawyers. Even a skilled lawyer who represents himself is at a disadvantage in contested litigation. Ethical considerations may make it inappropriate for him to appear as a witness. He is deprived of the judgment of an independent third party in framing the theory of the case, evaluating alternative methods of presenting the evidence, cross-examining hostile witnesses, formulating legal arguments, and in making sure that reason, rather than emotion, dictates the proper tactical response to unforeseen developments in the courtroom. The adage that "a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client" is the product of years of experience by seasoned litigators. Kay v. Ehrler, 499 U.S. 432 (1991)

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