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Canceled or Revoked

Daytona Beach Driving While License Suspended,
Canceled Or Revoked Attorney

If you are charged with a suspended license the Daytona Beach Suspended License Attorney Kevin J. Pitts can help. You should never pay a driving while license suspended without knowledge ticket and never plead guilty or no contest to a driving while license suspended (DWLS) charge without first talking to an Experienced Daytona Beach Traffic Attorney. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) has an extensive electronic database that keeps track of every traffic ticket you receive. The fines associated with traffic tickets can be expensive. The bigger concern is the long term cost and future consequences they can have on your ability to drive in Florida. All moving violations carry points which can add up very quickly. An experienced Daytona Beach suspended license attorney can help you avoid those points, and keep you on the road. Points are not your only concern with a Daytona Beach driving while license suspended case. If you have three driving while license suspended cases (without knowledge if adjudicated guilty or with knowledge regardless of adjudication) your license will be suspended for 5 years as a habitual traffic offender (HTO). It can actually be longer than 5 years because they calculate from the conviction date to offense date. In some cases paying an old ticket from years ago can trigger HTO status.

The Daytona Beach suspended license attorney Kevin J. Pitts knows the law and what it takes to successfully defend your case and protect your ability to drive in Florida. Daytona Beach DWLS attorney, Kevin Pitts, is a former Volusia County prosecutor with several years of criminal and Daytona traffic law experience. Whether your case requires a motion to suppress or litigation, Mr. Pitts will advise you on your case along every step of the process. The Law Offices Of Kevin J. Pitts understands how to keep you on the road and will take the necessary steps to achieve the best possible result in your case. In Daytona Beach a criminal charge or traffic ticket like Driving on a Suspended License is serious under Florida law. The consequences could be far greater than just a fine. Make sure you speak with an experienced Daytona Beach driver's license attorney who understands the laws and can aggressively defend your rights. Call the Daytona suspended driver's license attorney Kevin J. Pitts in Daytona Beach, FL at (386) 451-5112 or request a free consultation and let us help protect your rights.

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