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Marijuana Possession Sale Distribution

Daytona Beach Marijuana Possession Attorney

If you are arrested for Daytona Beach marijuana possession why should you hire a Daytona Beach possession of marijuana attorney? The federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance. Schedule 1 substances by definition of the DEA have the highest potential for addiction and no known medical use. This classification might not be accurate but if you get caught with marijuana, the federal and state government's war on drugs will be waged against you. If they are going to declare war you need a Daytona Beach marijuana defense attorney to fight for you. Possession of marijuana under 20 grams is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, year of probation or combination not to excede a year. Jail is not common in Daytona Beach misdemeanor marijuana cases unless the accused has prior history. Call 386-451-5112 today for a free consultation.

The primary concern with first time Daytona Beach marijuana possession cases is the collateral consequences that can occur after the case if proper steps are not taken. A Daytona Beach possession of marijuana case misdemeanor or felony can suspend your driver’s license for 2 years if adjudicated guilty. A first offense DUI case is only a 6 month suspension for a breath test. If you rely on financial aid for college the federal government can suspend your aid for a misdemeanor or felony possession of marijuana conviction. Federal housing assistance can also be suspended depending on the result of your case. A withhold of adjudication will save you from some of the state sanctions but not the federal restrictions on student loans and housing assistance. If you are not a United States citizen being caught once with over 30 grams of marijuana or twice regardless of the amount can classify you as an aggravated felon. As an aggravated felon you can be deported. A felony drug possession can eliminate your right to vote and right to possess a firearm.

A Daytona Beach marijuana defense lawyer can take steps to minimize the impact your case has on your future.
Daytona Beach possession of marijuana attorney Kevin Pitts has handled hundreds of marijuana cases as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Kevin J. Pitts has the experience you need to get the best possible result in drug cases. Mr. Pitts understands how to argue both sides of motions. Motion practice is a powerful tool for an experienced defense attorney. If the stop is illegal then your case could be thrown out. It is also possible to use motion practice to flush out weaknesses in the case which can assist in getting the case reduced or dismissed. If the prosecutor feels that they might not be able to prove the case they will be more likely to negotiate or in some cases drop the case. With a valid stop the police still must have a reason to search for drugs. If the accused is held for longer than necessary the search might not be valid. If the stop and search is valid the state must prove dominion and control and knowledge. These arguments are fact specific, but depending on the location of the drugs, ownership of the vehicle and parties in the car they could create issues to litigate in your case. The drugs must be properly tested and in some cases weight can be an issue. This creates numerous areas to challenge in a Daytona Beach marijuana possession case. If you are facing a misdemeanor marijuana case, felony marijuana case or marijuana trafficking case these principles apply. Call 386-451-5112 today for a free consultation.

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